Supporting Change

Change in an essential ingredient in making the world better for people with dementia. What DSDC offers is high-impact, practical support to individuals and organisations who are facing up to the challenges of changing the way things are done -whether it is through thinking or doing.

Deep understanding

Our approach combines a deep understanding of dementia, drawn from evidence across the world, with a profound knowledge of what delivers lasting, measurable change. Much of what we do is bespoke, working with clients to identify how our knowledge and skills can best add measurable value to them.

Sometimes clients build change programmes around one of the DSDC tools such as the Design Audit Tool or Education Programmes. Others are looking for baseline assessments of skills or services or standards. Some want support on design or advice on specialist areas such as care models or the arts.

The DSDC Approach

The best starting point is nearly always an open and honest discussion about the issues and challenges involved in change, so feel free to contact us to start the conversation. We can help work through what needs to happen and how it can be delivered most cost efficiently.

The earlier we are involved the better the results.

Checkout our Change in Action or Change Cloud sections to see if there is something that might work for you.