Dementia in Northern Ireland

Here is a one-stop briefing on dementia in Northern Ireland.

The Picture of Dementia

There are currently 19,000 people living with dementia in Northern Ireland. This is expected to rise to 61,000 by 2051. The social and economic implications make dementia one of the most important health, social care and housing priorities for Northern Ireland. DSDC produces a briefing which pulls sets out the key headlines and statistics on dementia in Northern Ireland.

The Regional Strategy

The Regional Strategy was launched by the Northern Ireland Government in 2011 and sets out a clear set of aims and actions designed to create an integrated approach to improving the lives of people with dementia. More Information Implementing the Regional Strategy Progress on the Strategy is being overseen by the DSIG, which includes government, health, local government and voluntary sector members, as well as DSDCC.

Ideas for Change

Ideas from dementia care workers about implementation of the Regional Dementia Strategy are featured in a report by DSDC Northern Ireland.

The Report draws on a Special Change Event held on 22 May 2012 in Belfast where 200 front-line staff worked through what they saw as the barriers to implementation and what solutions would help move the Strategy forward.

The Report can be downloaded here.
Supplementary Notes on the Change Event can be downloaded here.

Policy Context

The strategic approach to dementia does not sit in isolation. Here are some other important policy initiatives which interface with dementia: